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What is Sleepasaurus?

Sleepasaurus is a dinosaur themed sleep trainer for kids who rise too early in the morning or don't like going to bed. Aimed at 2-6 year olds, Sleepasaurus establishes a fun bedtime ritual with your child that can reduce stresses before going to sleep, while teaching them to stay in bed until a reasonable hour.

When it’s time for bed, kids can choose one of the 7 animated dinosaurs to be their 'sleeping buddy', then sprinkle magic dust on them to send them off to sleep. The dinosaur will stay asleep until the morning, encouraging the child to do so as well.

The wake up time is set by the parents in the parents-only section, where they can also turn on optional wake up and go to sleep music. Sleepasaurus is a fun alternative to the boring nightlight when it’s plugged in.


Pricing and Availability

Sleepasaurus is $1.99 and designed for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch and requires iOS 7.0 or newer.

The creators

Wee Taps are a Belgium based duo whose previous kids games include Wee Rockets & Wee Subs. Wee Taps are made up of illustrator & designer Paddy Donnelly and developer Alain Hufkens.

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